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Peninsula New York Skyline of NYC

Kathleen Ryan Untitled, 2017 Ceramic

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Kathleen Ryan 
Untitled, 2017
Ceramic, chrome-plated steel
70" x 15" x 15” in.

Los Angeles–based artist Kathleen Ryan’s (b. 1984 Santa Monica, California) artwork is big and bold—seemingly hypertrophied in the life-altering California sun. Represented by Josh Lilley Gallery, Ryan is known for using functional, everyday items, such as curtain panels, railings and the like, salvaged from thrift stores and junkyards for her bold and humorous sculptures. 

Ryan’s materials can seem industrial and impersonal, but with her playful and charming tweaks, they go beyond minimalist aesthetics. The ways Ryan transforms the strange beauty of junk reminds the viewer that common objects can become intriguing and uncommon when considered thoughtfully. Of her own work, Ryan says “[m]y sculptures invert expectations of materials and iconographic objects, by placing their physical weight at odds with their psychic weight.”

This work, which features a group of ceramic birds perched on found clothing display hoops, was recently shown by Josh Lilley at the Armory Show where it was designated as one of the top 10 works to see by Artnews.