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Peninsula New York Skyline of NYC

John Armleder Rub

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John Armleder 
Rub, 2016
88 1/2 x 118 x 2 in.
John Armleder (b. 1948 Geneva, Switzerland) is one of the most important and influential artists of his generation. With his stylistic breadth and vocabulary, Armleder has created a universe of diverse works that oscillate between the fields of art, design, concept, geometry, Pop and Trash. His re-investigation of what art is, what art can do, and what art is allowed to do remains as vital now as it has been throughout his career.

Armleder’s work has its origins in Fluxus, and particularly in that movement’s shared interest in chance and performance. Yet his work defies easy categorization. Through playful compositions the objects he presents are often completely divorced from any formal artistic concerns. He actively blurs the traditional notions of the support and the surface, of the subject and object and of high and low art, and challenges customary ways in which the viewer has come to perceive and experience modern and contemporary art and the nature of the places that have come to be used for its display.

In 2004, a retrospective exhibition of Armleder’s works was shown at the Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland, and later traveled to the ICA in Philadelphia. In the winter of 2006-2007, a large exhibition including works from all eras of his career was shown at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mamco) in Geneva, Switzerland. In April 2013, the Dairy Art Centre in London opened its doors with a large solo show paying tribute to Armleder's oeuvre.