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Michael Armitage Accident

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Michael Armitage
Accident, 2015
67 x 87 in.

Michael Armitage’s (b. 1984 Kenya) paintings weave multiple narratives that are drawn from historical and current news media, internet gossip, and his own ongoing recollections of Kenya, his country of birth.
Living and working between London and Nairobi, Armitage paints with oil on Lubugo, a traditional bark cloth from Uganda, which is beaten over a period of days creating a natural material which when stretched taut has occasional holes and coarse indents. As noted by the artist, the use of Lubugo is at once an attempt to locate and destabilize the subject of his paintings.

This painting was a seminal work in Armitage’s 2015 solo exhibition at the prestigious White Cube gallery. The show presented a narrative series depicting Armitage’s sensorial and emotional associations with his hometown in Kenya with each large Lubogo bark canvas acting as a colorful window into the sensorial psychology of early childhood.