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Kathryn Andrews Black Bars: T1000

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Kathryn Andrews
Black Bars: T1000, 2016
92 x 73 1/4 x 4 1/2 in.

Black Bars: T1000 was presented in Andrews’ solo show entitled Black Bars at David Kordansky Gallery in Novemeber 2016. In this show, Andrews examined the latent power dynamics in acts of desire and consumption by creating works that implicate the viewer as both an agent and an object of such desire. Her images and reference points are drawn from a broad swath of cultural production, including mass entertainment media, the Western art historical canon, commercial products, and advertising. Andrew’s approach conflates the effusive, image-based ethos of Pop Art with the austere criticality of Minimalism that forced a reconsideration of materiality as a subject in its own right.

Black Bars: T1000 is part of a series incorporating imagery and objects with direct connections to Hollywood and art historical sources. T1000’s imagery comes from the movie Terminator 2 and the composition includes original bullet hole props from the movie. In addition, the shiny imagery of this works connects with Andrews signature use of metallic surfaces in her practice.