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Peninsula New York Skyline of NYC

Rita Ackermann Needle Point Ceremony

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Rita Ackermann
Needle Point Ceremony II,
Oil, ballpoint pen, rabbit skin glue, molding paste and spray paint on canvas
54¼ x 38 inches

The Hungarian born, New York based artist Rita Ackermann (b. 1968) is known for her stylistic amalgamation of figure drawing and neo-expressionism as well as for her intricate multi-medium surfaces. Her canvases are characterized by the variances brought about by the use of precise ballpoint pens, together with spray paint, collage, oil and acrylics. The gestural nature of her technique is accentuated by the brilliance of her color palette, which she infuses with reds, blues, yellows and pinks. The signature protagonists of the fairy-tale-like scenes she depicts, are often young, stylized, prepubescent girls. Since 1993 Ackermann has exhibited her work internationally in prominent institutions such as Hauser & Wirth (New York), Almine Rech Gallery (Paris), the Ludwig Museum (Budapest), the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Sammlung Friedrichshof Stadtraum (Vienna). 

Brilliantly colored with hues of red and blue, Needle Point Ceremony II is a perfect example of Ackermann’s ability to seamlessly merge figuration and abstraction. Amidst the array of cacophonous lines and smudges made with ink, spray paint, molding paste and rabbit skin glue, the contours of a sensual female figure emerge. The faceless subject almost takes up the entirety of the canvas. Unlike Ackermann’s signature petite, almond-eyed girls, the figure depicted here is energetic and voluptuous. The combination of bright colors and gestural free flowing lines generate a dynamic sense of movement.