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Peninsula New York Skyline of NYC

Matti Braun Untitled

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Matti Braun
, 2013
Silk, dye, coated aluminum frame
72 x 52 inches

The German-Finnish artist Matti Braun (b. 1968) repeatedly investigates the often-overlooked frequent misconception and migration of crafts and other cultural products. Braun addresses this subject matter with the use of a limitless array of materials including sand, silk, ceramic, glass, rocks, soil, wood and fabrics in order to create textile works, paintings, photographs or large-scale installations. Interested in the history of crafts, Braun traces and calls attention to the meanings and misinterpretations with which we imbue objects and other cultural forms in an increasingly globalized community. His elaborate, research based practice includes the tactic of appropriation in order to recreate and subsequently investigate the continually revised meanings of cultural forms. 

Untitled is part of a series of abstract silk works that Braun created in 2013, for which the artist appropriated traditional textile production techniques often used for religious purposes. The slight variances of the soft, cloud-like formations are made with a reduced palette of white and grays, which Braun incorporates in the dyeing process. Deceivingly simple, the minimal composition of this work masks the elaborate process to create it as well as the cultural sources it references.

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