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Peninsula New York Skyline of NYC

Jonas Wood My Old Bedroom Shelf, 2013

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Jonas Wood
My Old Bedroom Shelf
, 2013
Oil and acrylic on canvas
62 x 47 inches

Influenced by both cubism and pop art, Jonas Wood’s (b. 1977) canvases are figurative juxtapositions of fragmented colorful shapes and patterns that come together in a puzzle-like manner. Wood typically depicts cluttered suburban domestic interiors often devoid of figures. His process involves creating drawings from photographs, which he then transfers and assembles on his canvases. With an exceptionally variegated palette, Wood creates collage-like compositions that border on abstraction. In line with analytic cubism he plays with spatial distortions and depth of field, rendering his compositions simultaneously two and three-dimensional. Wood’s background in psychology is subtly yet palpably imbued in each of his works that upon a closer look are filled with psychological elements of quotidian life.

In My Old Bedroom Shelf we see a close-up composition of photographs and tchotchkes that supposedly offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s past; an abstract self-portrait of sorts. Despite the playful vibrancy of the colors, the cluttered arrangement evokes a sense of nostalgia. Indebted to Picasso’s primitivism, tribal masks are a recurrent theme in Wood’s work, a symbolically imbued object that takes precedence in this painting.